Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Days of Blues for Autism Awareness - OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It!

Welcome to Day 9 in my "30 Days of Blues" for Autism Awareness.  Today, I am posting quite late in the day because my previous idea for this manicure just didn't materialize.  That seems to be happening a lot lately.

Anyway, as I was getting ready to go to sleep, the crack in my middle finger nail that had been threatening to break finally did.  So, I figured I'd have to take pictures of my right hand for today's "30 Days" post.  Now, while I am pretty proficient at painting my left hand, my right hand is another story.  Sometimes, it looks like I got drunk and then painted my nails.  So, I knew I would need a polish that was easy to apply and only required 1 or 2 coats.  That would mean an OPI, as the pro-wide brush makes polishing my nails, even my right hand, practically effortless.  But what blue OPI?  As I was looking over my stash, I then saw Swimsuit... Nailed It and realized it had to be my blue for the day...

Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to hold my right hand to get good pictures (it was quite a sight), so I apologize for my super-short middle finger.  

Anyway, regarding the color...Le Sigh... I have no clue why I left this one untried for so long.  OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It! is a gorgeous, velvety blue foil from OPI's 2011 Miss Universe collection.  This one has the effect of looking like it is lit from within, and while that isn't incredibly unique for say a red or a deep pink, I can't think of another blue polish with the same effect.  It's absolutely mesmerizing.  It reminds me of a blue sister to the foily shimmers in OPI's 2010 Holiday Burlesque collection.  After I applied it, I just couldn't stop looking at my nails.  It is perfect.  If you love blues, you neeeeeeed it, and if you think it's pretty inside, just look...

Here's a picture of it outside.  This color is true-to-life, as my indoor pictures look a little too teal.  Now, it's not a blue for the faint of heart, or for those that are just getting their feet wet in the blue-pool, but again, if you love blues, you need it.  End of story.

OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It! is not on OPI's website, so it may have been a limited edition color, but if you love it, a quick Google search shows me that it is still readily available for retail prices.  OPIs retail for $8.50 a bottle.

As always, thank you for reading my "30 Days of Blues" for Autism Awareness posts.  If you are participating with me, or if you have a comment or a request for a particular blue polish, please shoot me an email to  

Swimsuit... Nailed It! was sent to me for review

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