Thursday, April 5, 2012

Glitter Sandwiches with Nubar Jellybeans

In my previous review of Nubar Jellybeans, Leona Carolina asked if the polishes could be used for glitter sandwiches.  Great minds think alike because that was something I'd been asking myself as I was reswatching the collection.  

For the most part, the answer is yes.  However, I wouldn't recommend doing the glitter sandwich method with Nubar Cherry as the base is just too thick (I tried and it was a fail).  That said, all of the other 7 polishes can be used for glitter sandwiches and frankly, I think that is a fantastic use for them.  By the way, if you are unfamiliar with glitter sandwiches, basically it means that you sandwich a glitter topcoat (usually with a clear base) in between 2 layers of jelly polish. 

For testing purposes, I used 2 of the Nubar Jellybeans, a light shade and a dark shade, Nubar Strawberry and Nubar Blueberry respectively.  I also used OPI Rainbow Connection as the glitter in both examples.

This is 2 thin coats of Nubar Blueberry topped with 2 coats of OPI Rainbow Connection and another thin coat of Blueberry.  I'm in love with this.  I may have to do this as my blue nail of the day for a day in April.  Of the two I tried, this look was my favorite.

This is 2 thin coats of Nubar Strawberry topped with 2 coats of OPI Rainbow Connection and then another thin coat of Strawberry.  To me, this really looks like Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop.  I did this one first, so I was a little unsure on how much polish to use when I topped the glitter.  On my ring finger, I used the least amount of polish over Rainbow Connection, and I think it looks the best.  Because my coats were thicker on my middle finger and my pinky, I did have pooling at the tips.  So when you do this, be sure to wait a little bit between the coats, and use a thinner coat over top.  

I think you could probably do fantastic glitter sandwiches (anyone else pronounce this in their head as "glittah sammiches"?  No?  Just me?) with almost all of Nubar's Jellybeans collection.  I can't wait to try one with Blue Raspberry.  Also, if you were waffling on this collection due to streakiness, if you like glitter and like using the glitter sandwich method your nails, you may want to pick one or two of these up as they are perfect for that application.

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