Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nubar Jellybeans Review 2.0

No, you aren't having a case of deja vu, I did indeed previously review the Nubar Jellybeans collection.  However, recently I discovered that one of my pictures from that review, the one for Nubar Blueberry, had been stolen, linked back to this blog, and was being bashed because of my nail shape on a Russian LiveJournal group.  I had wondered why my traffic for that particular post had jumped from approximately 200 views to 1000+ views in a matter of days.  Well... that was why.  :(  I have since removed that post because it was being linked on the LiveJournal group.

At first I was going to ignore it.  No, at first I was going to close my blog and hide in my closet, but I quickly decided that was not the best course of action.  So, I then decided to ignore it.  Then I made the mistake of checking all of my traffic for the past year and I discovered that this was not the first occurrence of this happening.  I found where my blog had been linked on several international forums with the comments "horrible nail shape", "nasty nails", "disgusting", etc... always accompanying the posts.  

As you may know from my previous post regarding my nail shape, my skin is not thick, and I honestly don't know of anyone that likes to read negative comments about themselves.  But at that point, I figured I could no longer ignore it.  I could be upset and I could be heartbroken, and I could be mad (all of which I was), and then I decided to look at the comments constructively, even if that was not their intent.  

You see, I am always trying to grow as a blogger.  From my very first post, until now, 3+ years later, I feel that I have grown by leaps and bounds.  However, that's not to say that there isn't room for improvement.  I feel that you should never settle.  Your next post should always try and be better than your previous post.  With that idea in mind, I took a long hard look at my nails through a constructive eye and decided, that yes... I could better my nails and my pictures.

So I took my glass file and proceeded to rethink the shape of my nails.  I was able to thin out the flare on the sides and really taper them in.  Now, they aren't perfect, but I really do see an improvement.

With that long introduction said, here are the new and improved pictures for Nubar Jellybeans...   

Blue Raspberry - light aqua.  I love this color.  It's so pretty, and one of my favorites for spring this year.  Like I mentioned with Zoya Wednesday, a similar color, it reminds me of sea glass.  As I was applying this one, it really reminded me of RBL Bikini Bottom, though I no longer have that one to compare.  This one had one of the better applications in the collection.  3 coats. 

Blueberry - Blueberry - bright royal blue.  I don't own Revlon Royal, but judging on pictures, it seems very similar, only this one has a jelly-like finish.  I loved the color, and this go-around, the formula was much easier to work with.  3 coats.

Cherry - bright red.  Previously, I didn't like this one my skin.  However, I loved it this time.  It does have a bit of orange in it, but not as much as I previously thought.  his one had the thickest formula and it took me less coats to reach opacity.  2 coats.

Grape - Dusty medium purple.  This purple is quite nice, and it does have a bit of dustiness to it, like Julep Charlotte or RBL Purple Haze, though I think it's no wear near as dusty as Purple Haze.  I didn't really like the formula on this one.  I kept having an issue with it leveling.  Hence, the bumpiness.  And though it's one of the darker colors, it was also one of the sheerest and took me a few more coats to reach opacity.  4 coats.  

Kiwi - light lime green.  I'm calling this a lime, but it's more of a mix between a light spring green, mint green, and lime green.  I kept waffling on my color description, so I just gave up and called it "lime".  LOL.  I did get a slight case of red-hands with this one. This one was sheer, but easy to work with.  Like Grape, I did have an issue with the leveling.  4 coats.

Lemon - daffodil yellow.  This one is brighter than a pale yellow, but it's not a neon.  It's also not a medium yellow, such as China Glaze Happy Go Lucky.  The formula is thinner, but if you go slow and watch your strokes, it shouldn't be an issue.  Now that I've had a chance to revisit it, this one is probably tied with Blue Raspberry as my favorite of the collection.  4 coats.

Strawberry - light pink creme.  This one is very candy-like both in it's color and it's finish.  I really does remind me of strawberry candy.  It did take a few coats to reach opacity, but the formula on this one was very nice, so it wasn't an issue.  4 coats.

Toasted Marshmallow - light brown.  In my previous post, I erroneously called this one "Toasted Coconut".  In the bottle, this brown leans slightly pink, though I didn't really see that on my nails.  The formula was like that of Strawberry and Kiwi.  4 coats.

I still like this collection, probably even more so, now that I've had a chance to re-review it.  The jelly-like finish can be a bit hard to deal with, but nothing that would make me say not to purchase these if there was a color you were lemming (like say Blue Raspberry. LOL).
Again, this collection is now available at (as well as other outlets).  Nubars retail for $8 per bottle.

These were sent to me for review

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