Thursday, April 5, 2012

30 Days of Blues for Autism Awareness - Blue Glitter Layering

Sorry I'm so late on this one for today.  I've actually done 3-4 blue manicures over the course of 24 hours and I haven't been satisfied with any of them.  This one was the last one, so I figured I might as well take pictures of it.  LOL.

Sorry for not putting the color information on the picture this time.  I tried, but by the time I listed all of the colors I used, it took up the entire picture.  Also, I asked my husband and he said this was blue, so I went with it, even though I may actually be in greenville.  :P

For this manicure, I layered a bunch of different blue and blue/green glitters.  In order, I used...

3 coats of Color Club Sexy Siren
1 coat of Color Club Untamed Luxury
1 coat of Color Club Sexy Siren
1 coat of KleanColor Chunky Holo Glitter Teal
1 coat of Nubar Dewdrop

I also used a coat of CND Stickey as my base coat and a coat of Diamont TC.  Unfortunately, even after hours, I could still peel it off.  It wasn't gooey and it probably could have stayed for a little longer, but it felt thick on my nails (probably because I used 95 coats :P) and as I wasn't in love with it... it had to go.

Still, I love the concept of glitter layering, even if this one was a bit of a fail.  You can come up with so many combinations.

Thank you again for reading my "30 Days of Blues" posts for Autism Awareness month.  If you are a participating blogger or if you know of a blog that is participating, please let me know by replying in this post or by shooting me an email to

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